1 Dumb Change To the AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin

WordPress AffiliateWP Plugin Changes

Oh boy, let me tell you about a rollercoaster ride I had with my old pal, AffiliateWP. We were like two peas in a pod for almost 10 years, tracking referrals and sharing commissions like nobody’s business. But then, out of the blue, it got snatched up by another company, and just like that, my favorite feature, the recurring commissions, got locked behind a vault of gold. Talk about a plot twist!

Almost 10 Years Using AffiliateWP

So, there I was, on a quest for a new companion, and along came SliceWP, strutting into the scene with all the features I missed and then some. It’s like finding a new friend who also loves pineapple on their pizza. With its knack for juggling recurring commissions, playing nice with WooCommerce, and even offering store credits, SliceWP might just be the sidekick I’ve been looking for. Here’s to new beginnings and hopefully, no more unexpected plot twists!

SliceWP Video Conversion is Coming!

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