Blogging Secrets Podcast 139

How To Sell Courses Online with LearnDash

James here with a quick WordPress Support Podcast!

If you’re a WordPress Support member you already know about our weekly Ask Me Anything WordPress Support calls where we answer your questions about the latest WordPress Software, Plugins and Themes.

Here’s the last call – Listen In Now!

This is an important call if you are selling online.

Listen in as  we discussed the different coupon codes and how different types of coupons work with various shopping carts.

Once that started we ended up talking about the types of WordPress Shopping carts available and more importantly what a payment gateway is and how to select the best shopping cart/gateway combination for your online business.

Of course membership sites and selling courses online came up as well so make sure to listen in.

WordPress Resources:

WordPress Tutorials– 500+ Videos:

How To Market A Blog – PDF Map:

How To Start A Blog – PDF Map and Tutorials:

Blog Marketing Email Funnels:

These calls are here to supplement the step by step video in the Learn WordPress Tutorials. If you have the time to learn and are the DIY type you’ll love our complete library of WordPress Tutorials and courses.

It doesn’t matter if you are Starting, Building or Growing your WordPress Powered Business, you’ll benefit from these super-detailed, non-techy tutorials that make it easy to get your WordPress Blog looking and working the way you want.

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