Course Marketing Touches and Timing

Written by James Maduk
March 11, 2020

Online Training Tutorials From the Course Library

I was going through my library of video tutorials and was surprised to find a stash of my original online training sessions. They were originally don in early 2000!

I originally published them as part of individual courses or as part of many of the membership sites I ran in the early 2000’s. I watched a couple and though, wow there’s still some good content there, I better make them public again. So here we are.

This is a video from a 10 part course that I did on how to build an online business and it covers some great Ideas for Getting More Leads For Your Online Courses. Specifically about marketing touches and the right timings…

At the time we were using RealPlayer for videos. Don’t worry if you’re not old enough to remember that name. At the only time that’s about the only choice you had to stream videos without giving away your training and letting buyers actually download your video content.

This 33 minute tutorial was Step 2 in a 10 part process and focuses on the front end of the sales funnel – getting good qualified leads 🙂 Enjoy.

REMINDER: – The video below was created 17 years ago!

Watch them for what they are.. 10-15 year old training’s. My approach has always been to share information that can be applied independent of the tool being referenced. What this means is that you may hear me reference sites/services that are no longer available. Don’t worry about that part, think about how to apply the idea not what tool you need to implement it.

Old School Video Tutorials and Online Training Sessions!

REMINDER: – this video was originally published in 2003





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