Disrupting Traditional WordPress Support and Development

Old Style WordPress Support and Site Development is Broken

That’s why we the way we provide WordPress Support is completely different.

In the early days when WordPress was limited technically consulting the traditional “Help Docs” was enough.  With the the commercialization of WordPress especially the managed hosting, paid themes and premium plugins beginner and even intermediate users find that reading the manual is Never Enough!

I’m Confused, I don’t what to Do Next!

I don’t Have Time Figure Out How To Do …… On My Blog!

… Are the 2 comments we hear most frequently from busy online bloggers.

WordPress isn’t the only market that’s feeling this level disruption.  A recent article in TechCrunch  magazine stated:

Because the infamous “billable hour” system – where clients pay hundreds of dollars per hour regardless of outcome – remains ill-suited to cash-strapped startups,  firms offer alternative payment structures including capped, deferred and discounted fees. Some even take small equity stakes in their clients.

In the traditional WordPress Development world many independent designers use the Billable Hour system plus for any design and update work done to sites.  At WPBlog Support our model is designed to remove this good for the designer/developer bad for the Blogger model and replace it with Unlimited WordPress Support for a monthly Flat Fee

You need your theme edited?  A simple post added or changed?  Maybe you need some basic elements like a banner or discussion forum added to your site.   WordPress Support isn’t just about fixing your site when it’s broken.  We’ll complete any small job (under 3o minutes) tweak or fix you can send our way.

Business Growth comes from serving your customers not learning how to customize and fix your WordPress Site.  Our mission is to guide you through the maze of choices and then doing the work for you so you can your valuable time with your customers… not figuring out WordPress!



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