TAM Prompts

ChatGPT Warm UP Prompts #

I’m reallly excited about [xxx] and want to find out more about the [xxx]. If I was a beginner wanting to get a detailed understanding of what the [xxx] is about. What questions would I ask?


Create a list of the [xxx] number of sites with the best resources for someone just starting out?


I’m looking to build/market/grow my business. Can you please give me 25 ideas for marketing the business which are free to do, have low competition and high demand. Please display the ideas in a table with each idea including how to use the idea and why it is a good idea to try.


I am an entrepreneur who loves pickleball and want to create 50 fun and engaging pickleball sayings or phrases that I can have on a t-shirt or baseball cap. They should only be 2-6 words and if possible motivational or funny so they are easy to remember. Create the list for me now.


I dont’ have any members yet so I have to get new members to create a free account and start creating content. Put together a 10 step cold outbound marketing plan that I can apply to the site I’ve built.

Creating An Avatar #

Knowing that [xxxx] is the fastest growing sport in North America, played by all ages and skill levels create a detailed description of a potential pickleball member. An avatar that I can strive to market too