TrainingSite Service Descriptions

Default Service Description Required Information #

Writing a compelling sales page for the “Package” requires a deep understanding of both the service and the target audience. Here are some questions and additional information I would need to craft effective web copy:

  1. Target Audience Details:
    • Who is the primary target audience for the Start Package? (e.g., beginners, small business owners, coaches)
    • What are their main pain points and challenges related to creating training sites?
    • What are their goals and aspirations in terms of online education or community building?
  2. Package Specifics:
    • Can you provide detailed descriptions of each tool, plugin, and theme included in the Start Package?
    • Are there any success stories or case studies of clients who have used the Start Package?
    • What makes the Start Package unique compared to similar offerings from competitors?
  3. Brand Voice and Messaging:
    • How do you describe the brand voice and personality? (e.g., professional, friendly, innovative)
    • Are there any specific messaging guidelines or key phrases that should be included in the copy?
  4. Desired Actions and Conversion Goals:
    • What is the primary action you want visitors to take after reading the sales page? (e.g., book a consultation, sign up for the package)
    • Are there secondary actions or engagements you’re aiming for? (e.g., subscribe to a newsletter, download a guide)
  5. Content and Structure Preferences:
    • Are there any must-have sections or elements that need to be included in the sales page? (e.g., testimonials, FAQs)
    • How do you envision the overall structure and flow of the sales page?
  6. Budget and Timeline:
    • What is the budget for the sales page copywriting?
    • What is the timeline or deadline for having the sales page completed?
  7. Performance Metrics and Success Indicators:
    • How will the success of the sales page be measured? (e.g., conversion rate, engagement metrics)
    • Are there specific performance targets or benchmarks you’re aiming to achieve?
  8. Legal and Compliance:
    • Are there any legal or compliance considerations to keep in mind while writing the copy? (e.g., disclaimers, privacy policies)
  9. Supporting Materials:
    • Can you provide access to any existing marketing materials, brand guidelines, or product documentation?
    • Are there any keywords or SEO considerations to incorporate into the sales page?