Don’t Make These Stupid Marketing Mistakes

I’ve rarely seen so many marketing mistakes in one single marketing campaign

Running Time: 10 Minutes

Description: You”re not going to believe how stupid a big company marketing department can get until you listen to today’s PodCast. This is an aboslutely true example of how two Brand Name offline companies can screw up some internet marketing tactics that online businesses usually take for granted.

Here’s What’s Covered:

  1. A Joint Venture JV
  2. A List Building Example
  3. An Integrated Marketing Attempt

Listen in as I explain how two company’s force their respective customers to jump through hoops in what may be the worst joint venture attempt I’ve seen in some time.

There are pleny of lessons for the small business owner to learn in this example. Simple lessons that can make the difference on how successful your business is at selling online.

Learn the right way to form Joint Ventures and Build Your Email List!


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