Use This Tool To Find A ….load of Keywords Fast

Keyword Selection Tool

Opportunity Research and Positioning

It’s the 3rd spoke to building a success WordPress Powered Business when you are following our Blog Marketing Map.

Arguably it is the most important of the 10 Steps!


Because it can be hard coming up with enough of the RIGHT keywords and phrases to support the Niche you’ve selected AND the Theme of your business.

Here’s a tool that may help if you’re struggling with Keywords.  Remember this is only a tiny part of picking the right niche and theme.   Why it’s important is when we pick keywords and phrases we often focus on our personal view INSTEAD of our potential customers.

Create a big honking list of keywords with KeywordShitter is where you want to visit and create a big master list of keywords to start your research.

how to find keywords


Be aware that this tool is named the way it is for a reason… It really does …. out keywords.  keywordshitter2


Your job is to strip out the Theme and Niches that you are focusing on to further focus your business.  The interesting thing that comes from this exercise is your opportunity to evaluate words that you may not have considered.   Be open minded and keep at it!

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