For Absolute Beginners – Where To Start

It’s still the number one question I get Asked!

Where do I start? What should I do? If you’be asked those questions or perhaps your just someone who isn’t a technical wiz (and doesn’t want to become) this is a great PodCast for you to listen to.

Running Time: 16 Minutes

Description: I cover two important steps for the beginner in this 15 minute PodCast. Feel free to download the file and add it to your collection. The two steps that I outline in this session are by no means the end of the process.

They’re only a tiny portion of the "Hub And Spoke" marketing system that I’ve developed for small busineses just like yours. What these steps do though is get someone who had been afraid to start – STARTED!

  • With their own web site.
  • With their own Voice.

What most beginners don’t realize, and many experienced marketers fail to do is utilize their own voice.

Start something in your own voice! It only needs to be a small effort at first, and if you take that step using your own voice and experiences you’ll also be starting a successful small business without even trying.

Listen to the PodCast. Get Started Today.

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