Hillary Duff=Marketing Genius?

Hilary Duff Is A Marketing Genius

Duration: 12 Minutes

Description: My 9 year old daughter Kayla is driving me crazy because Hilary Duff is a Marketing Genius.

Don’t believe it? – You better!

Hilary Duff is marketing genius, or at least the handlers behind Hilary Duff are. If you are a student of "Niche Marketing" you’ll know that she is a master when it comes to the "narrow and deep" strategy. She knows exactly who here market is (7-12 year old girls and perhaps some hidden teenage boys ) and she know exactly what they want.

Young "Lizzie McGuire" is coming to my city this weekend and my Daughter Kayla’s "Duff Stuff" campaign has been in full gear.

Think about this for a minute.

  • Two sold out shows in the Corel Center ( home of the Ottawa Senators NHL team)
  • 15,000 screaming girls under the age of 12 plus 15,000 parents watching their kids scream.
  • 30,000 ticket sold for the two events. If you do the math you’ll know that’s a lot of money considering the tickets are going for $50 a seat.
  • 40 additional vendors marketing "Duff Stuff" both nights

While I admire Kayla’s persistence when it comes to marketing, I’m even more amazed at how well Hilary is packaged. She is a marketing genius. Watch this video and I’ll explain in detail how she has done something that the other POP diva’s of the day haven’t grasped yet.

The two shows are sold out – before Kayla’s marketing campaign had persuaded me to go. Now I just have to figure out how to I’m going to get out of lining up at the Zellers store ( they sell all the Duff Stuff )at 7 AM on Saturday morning for a spot to get an autograph from Hilary when she shows up a 2 PM !!!

Hilary Duff Is A Marketing Genius! Watch and learn from here.

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