Managed WordPress Hosting Features

WordPress Only Managed Hosting for Clients

It should be fairly obvious that I host my own 100 Plus Sites so I can rely on my web host. There’s no way I’m going to screw around with an amateur web hosting setup.

That’s why we include Premium Managed WordPress Only Hosting for Clients Only!

Our goal is to remove your need to muck around with the technical aspects of hosting your own WordPress Site we still recognize that you might still want to access the web hosting control panel.

So…. from a purely technical standpoint here’s a brief look at some of the features you can expect from your FREE Managed WordPress Hosting account…

CPANEL – The Industry Standard Web Control Panel

While some web hosts will simply write you some space on their server, and that’s the end of that… we take a different approach.

It all begins with your Web control panel, which is a completely visual, intuitive system giving you full control of your web hosting account.

Just open a support ticket with your request and we will take care of 99% of all your webmaster needs without you having to lift a technical finger.  However if you do want to make a few changes to your accounts you can still login to cPanel to do things like:

  • Create, modify, or delete e-mail accounts.
  • Check your web statistics.
  • Access your MySQL database with PHPAdmin

Your Managed WordPress account also gets…

All the bandwidth you need. That means you can deliver all the data from your web site every month.

No FTP required. Your web hosting account comes with a powerful file management tool. So you can create, move and delete your files at will-right from your browser. You can also use our file management tool to upload files from your computer. If you need to quickly fix one of your web pages, you can even add it your web pages by hand on the screen without ever opening at FTP software.

Built-in antivirus software. Viruses are a very real threat on the Internet today; we’ve got you covered. Your server automatically comes with virus protection software that scans all your incoming e-mail, and if it finds a virus he deletes it before the virus ever makes it to your computer. Plus, our web server will send you an e-mail message warning you about the problem.

Web-based e-mail accounts. Now you can read, manage, reply, and compose your e-mail. Right from the Web. That means you can use any computer with Internet access, anywhere in the world you happen to be.

Unlimited e-mail accounts. Inside your personalized Web control panel. You can set up, modify, delete, and configure an unlimited number of e-mail accounts. That includes GOP accounts and aliases that redirect messages. Anywhere you wish them to go, even if it’s a different domain or a different server.

Customizable Spam Blocker. You can finally stop worrying about spam. The powerful e-mail filters built into your Web control panel. We used any criteria you want, and watch all that annoying spam disappear from your business in box.