How To Activate the LearnDash Course Builder

Written by James Maduk
December 12, 2000

It got a lot easier creating and selling courses with LearnDash.  This summer a drag and drop course builder was introduced – but it’s not active by default.

This quick step by step guide shows you how to activate the LearnDash Course Builder

First List Your Courses

Select the Courses sub-menu from the main LearnDash menu in the WordPress Admin Dashboard.  This displays the list of courses you have already created.

Edit an Existing Course

If you aren’t sure what the course builder is and to check to see if it’s already active first create or edit an existing course.

I’m assuming that you’ve  already created a course, if not create one and come back to this session.  If you have a existing course select edit form the courses local menu.

View the Standard LearnDash Course MetaBox

By default the LearnDash Course Metabox is displayed. The above image show you the default course options.

Check The Status of  the Course Builder Options

Select the Course Options Tab from the top of the page.    Look for the

Find The Course Builder Box

First find the LearnDash Course Builder settings box.  It’s separate from the regular Course metabox settings.  If you don’t see it or not available as an option on the screen select the “Screen Options” tab – top right – click the checkbox next to the it and  you’ll be able to view it on the page.

Enable the Course Builder

Enable the Course Builder Interface for all courses.  This adds a drag and drop course, lesson and topic builder to every course.

Save Course Builder Options

Make sure to save your new course builder options.

Course Builder Screen

Now when you edit any course you’ll also see the LearnDash Course Builder Interface

Standard Builder Options

Clicking on the sandwich menu next to each lesson, topic, quiz or assignment provides you the option to move, edit, view or delete single   lessons, topics, quizzes and assignments.

Stay tuned for more guides showing you how to use the LearnDash Course Builder.   If you want to sell courses online with WordPress and LearnDash we’ve created a complete LearnDash course which is available with this link. 





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