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Here’s great news for all Learndash LMS users.  If you’re not familiar with LearnDash it’s the awesome WordPress LMS that powers all my sites including our complete WordPress Tutorial library at WPGrow.

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The crew at LearnDash just released another update today and it’s got a great new feature you should consider implementing.

Drip Lessons by Date

Quite some time ago we made it possible for you to sequentially drip-feed (schedule) your lesson content.  As a quick reminder, the scheduling mechanism in LearnDash allowed you to specify the number of days after course enrollment that the content should become visible.

For example, you could set Lesson 1 to be visible immediately, Lesson 2 to unlock two days later, and so on.

We were proud to be the first in the WordPress LMS industry to offer this feature as it allowed you to get creative with how you offered your courses, it helped to protect your content, and to limit the possibility of immediate refund requests.  Today this feature is growing up!

In addition to scheduling your content to become available “X” days after enrollment, you can also choose a specific date!

How To Schedule by Date

Setting your lesson content to appear by a certain date is pretty straight-forward, all you have to do is:

  1. Add a new Lesson
  2. Give the Lesson a title and add content
  3. At the bottom of the lesson, use the date selector field to select a date the content should become available.

That’s it! Your lesson will not be accessible until the specified date.

This new feature is awesome if you’re offering webinars or one-off events, or even blended learning with online courses for your physical classroom.  Take a look and get creative with this brand new WordPress LMS feature from LearnDash.

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