I Want To Sell YOUR Courses!

Written by James Maduk
January 24, 2015

If you’ve got an idea for an Online Course…

I’d love to talk to you.   It only takes us about 15 Minutes to get a fully featured WordPress Powered Learning Management System Up and Ready To Sell YOUR COURSES.

If you got an idea for a course, one that can be delivered online our WordPress Support developers and online marketing experts can make selling courses online way easier…

Your Campus is Waiting

You can relax while we take care of the Techy Stuff.   I’ll work personally with you to create and add your course content and after we’ve got a great name for your course, lessons and topics we can leverage our marketing resources to start selling!

It takes time to come up with great course content, that’s where you come in.

We’ve got everything you need to deliver and market your information.  WordPress Hosting, the WordPress Blog Support, Email autoresponder services, Lead tracking and conversion software… We’re all setup and ready to go but we need great courses to sell so let us help you!

If you’ve got an idea, any idea for a course and want work with us creating your own WordPress Campus just give us a call.  Setup a time to talk today with this link.

Setup A Time to Talk

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