WordPress Support Jobs, Fixes and Tweaks To Do

Examples of Small Jobs We Can Do On Your WordPress Site


  • Can you Install wordpress on my cPanel for me?
  • Can you install my Google Analytics code?
  • Can you set-up a backup schedule for my blog?
  • Can you turn on Permalinks set-up correctly?
  • Is Google able to index my site okay?
  • Are there are any CSS issues, missing images or alignment issues?
  • Is my WordPress software out of date?
  • Can you check to see if there are any comments that need moderated?
  • Is my site mobile responsive?
  • Can you please check my server response time?
  • Can you check the overall size of my site?
  • Can you install an element into my sidebar?
  • Can you place this Facebook Ad conversion pixel on my site/page?
  • Can you help me by removing the following links from the following pages on my site?
  • Can you specify any missing image dimensions for me?
  • Can you please center this image on my blog?
  • Can you increase the font of my blog?
  • Can you change the font of my blog?
  • Can you check to see how many external JavaScripts I have running?
  • Can you please change site wide settings of all outbound links to “no follow”?
  • Can you change the copyright of my site to be updated yearly automatically?
  • Can you set up a 301 redirect for me?
  • Can you remove a site wide 301 redirect for me?
  • Can you edit my menus?
  • Can you add new menus?
  • Can you remove the header images and links from this sales page?
  • Can you post this code into the body of my theme?
  • Can you fix a broken function of my website?
  • Can you change the font color of one of my menu bar links?
  • Can you change my footer links?
  • Can you add an image to my sidebar and make it clickable?
  • Can you add a feature box at the top of my site?
  • Can you Restore my hacked website?
  • Can you teach me how to edit my website?
  • Can you create a Post/page for me?
  • Can you remove the date and time of my blog posts?
  • Can you Configure my domain and hosting on my cPanel?
  • Can you Upload a youtube/video on a website?
  • Can you remove the WordPress Toolbar for logged in Users?
  • Can you edit my website? I need to add something on it?
  • Related to site speed, can you check my overall download time?
  • My website is broken, not displaying can you check what is the issue? And can you fix it?
  • I need to input large amount of content on my website, can you do it for me?


  • Can you please delete any inactive plugins?
  • Can you add “Buy Now” buttons to my product pages?
  • Can you perform a security scan for me?
  • Can you Configure a plugin for me?
  • Can you link my autoresponder service to my Landing Pages?
  • Can you add products to my shopping cart?
  • Can you install a shopping cart plugin?
  • Can you add a Popup to my Site?
  • Are there any SEO issues?
  • Configuring a setup my shopping cart payment gateway?
  • Can you check to see if any active plugins need updating?


  • Can you change my active theme on my site?
  • Can you customize my active theme?
  • Can you please delete any inactive themes?
  • Can you change the fonts on my site?
  • Can you change the theme/Design of a website?
  • Is my active theme up to date?
  • Can you change the font sizes on my site?
  • Can you change the colors of the headers on my site?

Small Jobs We Don't Do...

  • Create a new theme
  • Can you create an Image/Icon for me?
  • Can you design my website?
  • Update your Social Media Profiles
  • Write Web Copy for Landing pages and Templates
  • Can you transfer an existing html site to WordPress
  • Create a new plugin
  • Add custom functionality to a plugin
  • Work on boosting our page rank
  • Build site backlinks
  • Can you write posts for my site
  • Any Single task that takes longer than 30 minutes

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