My Favorite Domain Name

Written by James Maduk
October 9, 2018

Is A Domain Name I”ll Never Be Able To Use

The early 2000’s the Internet Marketers were busy, stretching the limits of what was possible for online marketers…. I was one of those marketers.

I had published my first book 52 Secrets My Mom Never Told Me About Internet Marketing and 50 plus multimedia ebooks. The strategy at the time was to purchase individual domain names for each product you had to sell.  This made it easy to duplicate sales pages for a product and kept the distractions for buyers to a minimum.

It also meant we purchased as many keyword rich domain names as we could. Names like:

  • ( I sold that one)

… and my favorite

I still own It was purchased in 2003.  At the time there were only a handful of “for dummies” books, all in physical  print form.  I figured that this internet stuff would take off so I registered thinking that I’d write a book for them… (no I never did).

The domain currently points to one of my servers, but there’s no site there.  The couple times I’ve tried to post a site I quickly get a letter from Wiley Publishing the owner of the “for dummies” brand.

Yes it’s a cease and desist letter 🙂

So here I am 15 years later, the owner of a really cool domain name….

That I’ll never be able to use.



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