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Fiverr 3 Launched!

I use fiverr on a regular basis, especially for things like banners and affiliate graphics.  It’s always been easy to use and once you find a creative that you’re comfortable with sending jobs their way just makes sense…

Well today things have changed a bit.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Fiverr® 3.0. We’re thankful to all of you who have shared our dream and helped us grow to become the number one marketplace for creative and professional services.

Since our founding, we’ve aimed to make buying a service as easy as buying a product on Amazon. We believe Fiverr 3.0 is going to revolutionize this process. The new, clean vertical navigation will make doing business in the Gig® Economy that much simpler. Buyers will be able to simply browse, search, and buy as easily as if they were buying a book online. Sellers will increase their sales by defining exactly what their Gig will deliver and match it with what buyers are looking for.

Read all the details about the New Fiverr 3.0 on our blog here.

Take a look.  You like it better?

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