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WordPress SEO Plugins

WE highly recommend and use 2 SEO Plugins and one of those has just had a major update. In this new version 4.5 there are some great improvements including:

  • HTML sitemap enhancements: Many of these updates came directly from users
  • Compatibility Center: This is brand new and allows non techies users to quickly apply under the hood fixes when conflicts popup with other WordPress Plugins
  • Import tools: You can now migrate your SEO data from Platinum SEO Pack, SmartCrawl and SEOPressor.
  • Content analysis improvements: There are new checks that improve the way the plugin analyzes you site For SEO.
  • Inbound links / Orphaned pages: is your post content linked from other pages?

For me it’s this last upgrade that looks for the orphaned inbound links. Google places value on inbound links and know when these links are broken is a quick way to improve your SEO. Now SEOPress takes care of this which is helpful when you have a larger site that often changes in content links.

What to do next?

If you need help with SEO on your site make sure to checkout our Done For You SEO Service. If you wan to just find out more about this great SEO Plugin visit

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