Run Away From These Products

Description: The first four days have been brutal! I’ve been slammed by marketing pitches for information products in the first couple of days of the year, almost as many as the entire month of December.

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You name it, I’ve been pitched this week. Everyone with a promise of easy riches and quick success.

Here’s my recomendation, run away from these products as fast as you can… unless they meet the criteria I give you in today’s audio rant.

There is one thing that I haven’t been pitched on, no one took the time to find out if I had a working Business Model.

Do you?

Is your business working? Is there a system or model in place that creates predictable results. One that would allow you to know how much money you’ll earn this year – before the year really starts!

If you have a working business model you don’t have to worry about this upcoming years revenues, you should already have a good idea of what will happen to your business revenues and personal income.

Sure they’ll be glitches and hiccups, stuff changes. But a proven business model takes the guess work out of what you have to do when you’re working ON your business this upcoming year.

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