Secrets My Kids Never Told Me About Internet Marketing

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Over the next little while I’m going to share 52 NEW Secrets with you. Just like the original 52 Secrets My Mom Never Told Me About Internet Marketing these new secrets consist of ideas, processes, tactics and principles that do one thing – Show You How to SELL MORE.


When you read the above line realize that I’ve been selling online since the 90’s and I’m in my 50’s now…

If for some reason you don’t need any more money, or perhaps you have too much business already, follow the instructions at the bottom to remove yourself from future secrets.

Listen closely because I’m about to tell you the 1st secret. One of 52 that will guide you in your quest for online sales.

Each Secret is an 5-7 minute MP3 audio file that you can listen to or download. If you are a windows user and want to save the MP3 file to your hard drive, “right mouse” click and then choose save file. You are free to redistribute these files as long as they kept intact.

Conventional wisdom says email marketing is dead.  tweeting and texting are all the rage.   So should you forget about email?  That’s what I started to do as I was overwhelmed by the social media hype.

When the cash register didn’t start ringing I started to revisit what I did in the beginning and see how it could be applied to todays’ changes……

Which will be one of the next secrets….

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