Using a SWOT to Develop Your Internet Marketing Strategy- Using Your Results

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Once you are done with the analysis process, you should probably develop a chart.

You need to list some strategies to overcome your weaknesses. You should also list some strategies to build on your strengths. While you are doing this, be sure you keep those opportunities and threats in mind that you listed.

This chart is probably one of the most important things to come from the analysis. It can help you to build on the SWOT analysis and make an action plan for your business.

Remember that completing this analysis should help your internet marketing plan. It would be a real problem for you and your business if after you have thrown money at your brand new website, you have traffic that you simply cannot turn into sales. It would be even worse if you cannot even get the traffic you need to your website. This would be damaging to you, to the morale of your business team, and it might be damaging to your current customers, because the things they have come to expect from you may become undeliverable, as you may have poured all of your assets, both physical and emotional, into your new website.

Remember to design your site around what makes your business better than anyone else in your market place. Capitalize on the strengths that you just made a list of. Why do customers think your business is good? Use that in your internet marketing strategy. Focus on what makes you different. For example, if you are marketing skin care products, and you offer free shipping, use that to your advantage. Also, be sure to focus on a reliable site that customers can trust. Nothing would be worse for your internet marketing than a site that customers can’t trust to be up and running or up and running well. Customers will quickly find a site with similar products. Finally, be sure to build customer support into your internet marketing plan. Be sure that you offer customers any possible support they might need. For some customers, that might mean answering e-mails with questions that are seemingly obvious to you. For other customers, that might mean adding some informational articles about your products to your website. Whatever it is, be sure to hold your customer’s hand as much as possible. Internet marketing is a difficult process, but completing an SWOT analysis first will help you develop the best internet marketing plan available.

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