Why You Should Forget About “Cart Abandonment” Automation

Written by James Maduk
November 16, 2020

… and focus on the Marketing your Elearning courses in reverse.

Selling courses online isn’t as easy as everyone makes it out to be. It takes traffic, a great offer and of course a solution to a buyers problem with a “how-to” solution that they are will to pay for.

Even when you have that getting new customers to pull the trigger and invest in you and your solution may take more than 1 visit to your training site.

That’s why we’re using the “Abandoned Interest” marketing automation. Think of it as the bookend to the traditional “Abandoned Cart” automation

If done correctly , stopping the lost leads at the beginning of your sales process can provide a better return than worrying about who left a purchase in their cart. This is a chance to shorten the first ste – a quick start. Watch this quick lesson and to see how you can hack the traditional sales funnel with a simple email marketing automation. It’s the perfect addon for anyone launching a new course or working on new leads.

Download This Course Marketing Automation:

Still thinking about selling a course online? If you have you’ve probably considered creating your own elearning site to sell courses. Well, now you can create a course and be selling it online in less that a day with our LearnDash Campus Blueprint.



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