WordPress LMS LearnDash Updated

LearnDash Gets Even Better!

I’m a big fan of WordPress being used as a learning platform and now other plugin other than LearnDash is an example of how to do it right.

All of our WordPress sites that sell courses are powered by LearnDash.

Today brings a great update from Justin the big cheese at LearnDash who just let us know that LearnDash just got better!

Justins’ release gives us a quick heads up on what’s changed in this latest version.

Certificate Enhancements – Phase I

  • We are happy to report that you can now assign certificates to COURSES without the need of a quiz. Simply assign the certificate from the EDIT COURSE page:
  • There are also new shortcodes available so that you can include additional course information on your certificates.
  • This allows you to pull certain course information and place it onto a certificate, including:
    • course title
    • completed on (date)
    • cumulative score
    • cumulative points
    • cumulative total points
    • cumulative percentage
    • cumulative timespent
    • aggregate percentage
    • aggregate score
    • aggregate points
    • aggregate total points
    • aggregate timespent

Course Completion Messages

Included in this new version is the ability to present your learners with a custom message on the course page the moment that they successfully complete the content.

This is a great way to cross promote other courses, provide learners with a special prize or gift, or any other incentive.

Complete Code Update

This updated code-base is more consistent with WordPress conventions, restructuring of files & folders, consistent spacing, as well as DocBlock documentation for developers throughout it all.

Stay tuned there’s lots more coming from the LearnDash Crew!

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