Will Banning TikTok Kill CapCut?

tiktok bans and capcut bans

There’s more than TikTok in play with the recent changes to legislation in the US. Bytedance, the company that owns TikTok also owns the most popular video editing platform for many content creators, like us building our online courses.

Listen in and you’ll see how all the recent talk about banning TIkTok may change the way you edit your videos!

The second part is all about using AI effectively. I found a great site that makes use of AI tools like Claude.ai easy. While focused on Claude.ai (it’s not available where i live!). 🙂 I’m sure some of the ideas and prompts that are mentioned can be a big help with any AI tools like ChatGPT

https://docs.anthropic.com/claude/page/website-wizard – is a great example of creating a one page website.

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Online course materials and keeping track of content that can be used for course is not easy. So here’s some tools and services I’ve been using or visiting. This is another one of the TrainingSites.io videos that shows you the exact steps you can use to START, BUILD & MARKET your online education business and earn passive income selling what you already know.

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