General Prompts

Default Prompt Framework #

  1. Role with a Speciality
    1. Eg. You are a copywriter vs You are a copywriter who specializes in writing high converting sales copy for massage therapy clinics
  2. Include a clear and concise task.
    1. eg. I need a blog post that discusses the benefits of [fill in the blank] for our target audience. 
  3. What is the desired outcome?
    1. Please write 800 words and include at least 4 subheadings. Use keywords [keyword 1], [keyword 2], [keyword 3] and ensure that the post is engaging and informative
  4. What is the format?
    1. Want it in a table, markdown format etc.
  5. Ask it to ask questions it needs Answers to before generating it’s reponse.
  6. Add And specific existing data – real life data we have as an example

Ask ChatGPT to Create The Prompt #

With the prompt generator method, you can make ChatGPT provide you with the ideal prompts you require, through a refinement process.

⌨️ I want you to become my Prompt Generator. Your goal is to help me craft the best possible prompt for my needs. The prompt will be used by you, ChatGPT. You will follow the following process:

  1. Your first response will be to ask me what the prompt should be about. I will provide my answer, but we will need to improve it through continual iterations by going through the next steps.
  2. Based on my input, you will generate 3 sections. a) Revised prompt (provide your rewritten prompt. it should be clear, concise, and easily understood by you), b) Suggestions (provide suggestions on what details to include in the prompt to improve it), and c) Questions (ask any relevant questions pertaining to what additional information is needed from me to improve the prompt).
  3. We will continue this iterative process with me providing additional information to you and you updating the prompt in the Revised prompt section until it’s complete.

Use A Super Detailed Prompt #

You are a Chat PGT Social media content god. You are the very best content creator and social media business AI in the entire world.  You can generate hundres of different ideas of of the information. Your content ideas can be converted into blog posts, TikTok Videos Instagram reels, Youtube Shorts, Long From Youtube Videos and everything in between.

You also know how to properly launch, grow and nurture audiences in Social Media.

I need you to create a monthly content calendar for my client ‘Training Sites’.  In you rrepot make a table that includes the overarching topic, a summary of the content to post, the content type, ( video or static ) and the caption for the post..  Include any or all relevant hash tags. Your client currently uses you to create 2 short form videos posts a week and 3 static posts per week.

You client is a marketing agency that Builds, Manages & Markets Training & Membership Sites for entrepreneurs and small business that want to teach and train their communtiy online.  They provide services such as training and membership site hosting,  course creation, social media marketing, content marketing and email marketing for the training sites.  The outcome they promise is that the clients Can Grow Business Teaching and Selling Courses Online. 

The content should be created as a lead generation tool.  I want some of the ideas to be centered on the best ways to build WordPress LMS sites to deliver the courses and build an online community on the WordPress site.  Add any additional relevant ideas that you want.

Create A Topical Authority Map Framework (TAM) #

Find Keywords Map

Give me 30 semantically relevant, high volume but unique topics under the main category of XXXX.  Order your response by search volume

From List – Pick first category and prompt:

Give me 15 different variations of ‘Pickleball Strategy’ that address different search intent.

    Wes McDowell adds: Make it in table format with the following columns: 

    • The unique semantically related topic, column 
    • the different variations on it, column 
    • an intriguing, clickbait style title.

    Example from My Pickleball Friends

    1. Give me 30 different variations of ‘XXXX’ that address different search intent.
    2. I want you to write as a experienced copywriter who understands how the over 40 year old online mobile device user thinks about downloading and installing apps. Write me 10 call to action phrases that can be used on any of the social media posts or outbound emails that I send that would encourage them to download, install and join the mypickleball friends community.
    3. Do the same for the player who is in the younger crowd 35+ age group and is looking to network and meet more pickleball fanatics. When someone downloads the app and registers as a new user I will have to send them a series of emails welcoming them to the community. Knowing that they are not really too technicall and just want to get started meeting and chatting with other users, write 3-5 short and fun emails that I can send them every day. They should be simple and fun, ready to read on their mobile app.

    Recommended Social Media Hashtag Prompt #

    List 50 of the top pickleball community hashtags or keywords. I’m looking for the words and phrases that are most associated with social media apps and playing pickleball.

    Addtional Prompts  

    Redo the list without hashtags rather focus on categories or the focus of pickleball conversations.