Master Prompts

LinkedIN Social Media Prompts + Images #

You will help me create 5 posts 

You will help me create 5 posts for LinkedIn this week.  My business is called trainingSites and we help small business owners to grow an education business Creating Online Courses, training and membership sites so they can teach online.

Our audience is entrepreneurs wanting to earn recurring passive income from their expertise.

First you will search the web for the 7 best news stories this week.  Then you will reword these into detailed posts for LinkedIn that my audience will relate to.  This is educational content not sally.

You will also provide me with an image prompt for an ai image generator for each post. It mush be in this format: (image we are prompting), (setting), (descriptive keyword), (camera type), (post processing techniques), No additional words or descriptions.

You will provide me with your response in a table. The content in one column with a link to the story and the image prompt in the second.

Create TikTok or YouTube Shorts From Existing YouTube Videos #

Create an original and actionable 500 word script for a TikTok or Youtube Short based on the transcript below. Include a strong curiousity building hook for the opening.