Text For Video Titles and Scripts

Find and research best performing titles from channels suscribed too. Try with the following tactics to re-use them.

Add Year to TitleStarting a YouTube Channel in 2024 (15 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started…)
Make More Niche Specific8 Faceless YouTube Niches XXXXXX Should Always Avoid (and 4 of the BEST)

Adapt To NicheMy Biggest Advice For ‘Starting, Stopping, Beginnig, Mastering’ xxxxxxxx
10 Simple ‘Hacks, Habits’ for XXXXXX
If I were ‘starting, thinking about, worrying,’ in 2024 this is what I’d do
How To Reinvent XXXXXX. in x time (my simple process, in x steps)
Differentiated TitleComplement
Nobody told me
I never knew
…. in less than

Video Intro Hook #

Only have 30 seconds. Must be compelling and animated. Animated editing or engaging talking head.


  • Introduce yourself.
  • Introduce any company
  • Ask to subscribe

There are generally 5 Hook types:

  1. Ask a question that I know for sure my viewer is asking and searching for when they are on youtube.
    • eg. If you want to know the best way to create online courses with the least amount of work you’ve got to watch this next video.
  2. Point out mistake
    • If you are a bit older wanting to earn some money (to share your experience) from what you already know and thinking all this technology is hard your wrong. Watch to find out.
    • What you learnt last year won’t work this year.
  3. Big Opportunity
    • if you don’t have a way to teach online already you are missing out on the fastest way to earn money from what you already know. Watch and find out.
  4. Calling out a mis-conception
    • if you think doing x is hard today you’re wrong.
  5. Highlight the result that I know they want.
    • If you want to know the fastest way to teach online (xxxxx) then you’ll want to watch this.

Ending Every Video #

Try to end every video with 2 keys.

Forcing the Playlist: Anytime you add a URL to play or be embedded anywhere add the youtube list ID to the URL. This forces YOUR additional videos to play immediately after.

Specific Video Prompt: Always recommend give an end page point or link to the next video they should watch in the series. This is done with the Youtube end screen option

Example: #

If you or someone else still has tons of questions about earning money, building a sidehustle, teaching online, creating online courses, building a membership site… ( getting paid for sharing what you already know and do) watch the next video and join the Teach online campus at https://trainingsites.io