YouTube Thumbnail Strategies

Hyper Curious – Curiousity Gap Thumbnails #

Curiousity – Purpose of the video, what its it about? What is the claim or promise and is there enough curiousity about how to do it.

  1. Title and Thumbnail Purpose – Create a Curiousity GAP.
  2. Challenge the views assumption and traditional view of how things work. Makes them challenge the way they are doing things and curious and want to learn more.
  3. They have to feel that they will lose sleep if they don’t get to watch the video.
  4. Hyper Curious – Curiousity Gap

Taken from a Youtube Video:

10 Point Summary – From chatGPT

  • Thumbnail design strategies have evolved, with a new style emphasizing curiosity.
  • Top creators are utilizing this style to achieve high click-through rates and millions of views.
  • Thumbnail design is crucial for attracting viewers and increasing click-through rates.
  • Simply having a visually appealing thumbnail isn’t enough; it must also spark curiosity.
  • Thumbnails need to both stand out and compel viewers to click.
  • The “curiosity gap” between what viewers know and what they want to know is key to high click-through rates.
  • Mr. Beast emphasizes the importance of thumbnails and titles in sparking curiosity.
  • The new thumbnail style prioritizes curiosity over traditional elements like contrasting colors and bold text.
  • Tactically, creators should focus on creating high-impact titles, incorporating novelty, and challenging viewers’ assumptions in thumbnails.
  • Backing up claims made in titles and thumbnails is essential to avoid clickbait.