Marketing Email & Copy

Beta Test Cold Outreach #

Email 1: A Friendly Nudge #

Subject: ๐Ÿ“ Fancy a Sneak Peek into a Cool New Pickleball Space?

Hey [Contact’s First Name],

Hope this note finds you smashing some epic pickleball shots! I wanted to give you a heads-up about something fun and new –

So here’s the scoop: It’s a fresh-out-the-oven platform for us pickleball nuts to hang out, share, learn, and just celebrate our love for the game. And guess what? We’re on the lookout for some friendly beta testers to give it a whirl before the grand opening.

I thought of you and your awesome crew at [Club/Association Name]. It’d be super if you could rally the troops and invite them to jump in as early birds. Promise it’ll be a fun ride!

Catch you on the court soon, and hopefully online too!

Cheers, [Your Name]

Email 2: A Playful Ask #

Subject: Got Pickleball Fans? Send ‘Em Our Way! ๐ŸŽ‰

Hello [Contact’s First Name],

Happy [day of the week]! Quick one for ya: If you’ve got a moment in between those backhand smashes and game-setting serves, I’ve got a fun proposition.

Introducing… drumroll please…! It’s our newest online hangout for everything pickleball. But here’s the thing, we’re still in the “trying-it-out” phase, and who better to test the waters than your fabulous team at [Club/Association Name]?

Give ’em a shout, will ya? We’d love to have them on board, poking around, and giving us their two cents. The more, the merrier!

Stay awesome and keep dinking!

Catch ya, [Your Name]

Pickleball New Member Series #

Coming Soon

Pickleball Vendor Oubound Series #

Comming Soon

Generic Outreach #

Email 1: Hello There! #

Subject: Hey [Recipient’s Name], Got a Minute for Pickleball?

Hey [Recipient’s Name],

It’s [Your Name] here, from [Your Platform’s Name]. We’re building this cool space for pickleball lovers, and I’ve been a fan of what you’re doing over at [Recipientโ€™s Platform/Brand]. Fancy a chat about joining forces? I think we could cook up something cool together.

Catch you soon, [Your Name]

Email 2: Let’s Brainstorm #

Subject: Some Ideas Brewing…

Hey [Recipient’s Name],

Thanks for being open to chat. I’ve got a couple of fun ideas on how [Your Platform’s Name] and [Recipientโ€™s Platform/Brand] could team up. Think: online events, resource swaps, maybe even some fun challenges? Letโ€™s brainstorm!

Talk soon, [Your Name]

Email 3: A Sneak Peek #

Subject: Little Teaser for You ๐Ÿ™Œ

Hey [Recipient’s Name],

Wanted to share a taste of what we’re about. Here’s something from [Your Platform’s Name] that our community loved: [brief content piece or link].

I’m thinking stuff like this, but even better with your touch. Let me know what you think!

Cheers, [Your Name]

Email 4: Just Checking In #

Subject: Hey, It’s Me Again!

Hey [Recipient’s Name],

Hope you had a chance to check out the stuff I sent over. Super keen to hear your thoughts and chat more about potential collabs. Let me know a good time?

Stay awesome, [Your Name]

Other Website Outreach #

Email 1: The Initial Touchdown #

Subject: Share Your Pickleball Magic on MyPickleballFriends? ๐Ÿ“

Hey [Recipient’s Name/Blog Name],

Hope you’re well! I’m [Your Name] from I’ve been diving into the articles on [Recipient’s Blog/Platform], and they’re a breath of fresh air!

Ever thought about reaching an even wider audience? We’d be thrilled to showcase your expertise on our platform. All credits to you, of course, with links directing back to your original space.

Let’s explore this! What do you think?

Cheers, [Your Name]

Email 2: The Friendly Reminder #

Subject: Quick Nudge About Collaborating ๐Ÿค—

Hey [Recipient’s Name],

Just floating back into your inbox to chat about the potential of featuring your pickleball insights on I genuinely believe our community would love what you bring to the table.

If you’re keen or have any questions, I’m here!

Warm regards, [Your Name]

Email 3: A Personal Touch #

Subject: Loved Your Recent Post!

Hey [Recipient’s Name],

Had to drop you a line after reading your latest piece on [specific topic or title of their recent post]. It resonated big time!

I keep circling back to how awesome it’d be to introduce content like this to MyPickleballFriends. Would you consider sharing? As always, it’s about giving credit where it’s due and driving more pickleball fans to your work.

Let me know, [Your Name]

Email 4: The Last Call #

Subject: One More Ping About Teaming Up ๐Ÿ“

Hey [Recipient’s Name],

Hope all’s good in your court! Just one last nudge about potentially showcasing some of your content on We’re eager to bring diverse voices and insights to our community, and yours stands out.

No pressure at all, but if you’re open to the idea, I’m here to chat. If not, keep up the fantastic work! I’ll remain a fan.

Best, [Your Name]

Vendor Outreach #

Email 1: Introduction and Mutual Benefit #

Subject: New Opportunity in the Pickleball World?

Hey [Vendor’s Name or Brand],

I’m [Your Name] from First off, I’ve got to say, your [specific equipment or product] is impressive โ€“ seen it in action!

Given that we’re one of the fastest-growing pickleball communities out there, I reckon there’s an exciting opportunity for collaboration. What do you think about exposing your brand to our dedicated, pickleball-loving audience?

Catch you soon, [Your Name]

Email 2: Highlighting the Platform’s Value #

Subject: Join the Pickleball Movement on MyPickleballFriends ๐Ÿš€

Hey [Vendor’s Name],

I just wanted to share a little insight: MyPickleballFriends has seen a surge of activity lately, from rookies to pros. Itโ€™s a thriving hub for all things pickleball.

Why am I telling you this? Well, imagine showcasing your gear to our passionate community. Weโ€™d love to discuss potential partnerships or even feature some of your products.

Cheers to growth, [Your Name]

Email 3: A Personal Touch #

Subject: Our Members Are Curious About [Specific Product]!

Hey [Vendor’s Name],

It’s [Your Name] again from MyPickleballFriends. Lately, our community has been buzzing about [specific equipment or product – showing you’ve done your research]. It got me thinking even more about how we can team up.

Your products + our platform = A match made on the pickleball court!

Fancy a chat about the possibilities? Best, [Your Name]

Email 4: The Friendly Final Pitch #

Subject: Last Serve: Teaming Up for the Win ๐Ÿ“

Hey [Vendor’s Name],

Hope you’re smashing it! Just sending one last volley your way about potentially showcasing your products on

We’re confident our community would benefit immensely from what you offer. And who knows, this could be the start of an exciting rally for both of us!

Whether it’s a ‘yes’, ‘maybe’, or ‘not right now’, I’d love to hear from you.

Stay awesome, [Your Name]

Sponsor Outreach #

4-part email series tailored to approach potential sponsors in the pickleball niche:

Email 1: The Introduction and Pitch #

Subject: Unlocking Opportunities with MyPickleballFriends? ๐Ÿ“

Hey [Potential Sponsor’s Name/Brand],

I’m [Your Name] from, a bustling hub for pickleball aficionados. Your brand caught our eye as a potential fit for a special sponsorship opportunity. Imagine, your brand prominently highlighted in front of our rapidly-growing, pickleball-loving community!

Keen to explore? Let’s connect!

Warm regards, [Your Name]

Email 2: Highlighting the Value and Benefits #

Subject: Why Sponsor MyPickleballFriends? Here’s Why!

Hey [Potential Sponsor’s Name],

Our platform, MyPickleballFriends, is more than just a site โ€“ it’s a vibrant community. And we believe your

aligns perfectly with our ethos.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  1. Direct exposure to an engaged pickleball audience.
  2. Opportunities for tailored promotions and events.
  3. Association with a trusted, rising pickleball platform.

Think we could be a match? Letโ€™s delve deeper!

Best wishes, [Your Name]

Email 3: A Personal Touch and Testimonial #

Subject: Real Feedback & An Invitation for You!

Hey [Potential Sponsor’s Name],

Recently, a member mentioned, “[A short quote or feedback about the potential of the platform or the need for a specific product/service]” โ€“ and it made me think of your brand immediately.

Your involvement as a sponsor could address such needs, creating a win-win for both of us! Fancy a chat to explore how we can collaborate and bring value to our community together?

Cheers, [Your Name]

Email 4: The Final Friendly Push #

Subject: Last Call: Be Part of the Pickleball Movement ๐Ÿš€

Hey [Potential Sponsor’s Name],

Hope things are ace your way! Just sending one final invitation about the sponsorship opportunity with We’re enthusiastic about what your brand offers and believe our members would be too.

Together, we could elevate the pickleball experience for so many. Would love to discuss this further โ€“ even if it’s just a quick chat to explore options.

Stay fabulous, [Your Name]