TAM Prompts

ChatGPT Warm UP Prompts

I’m reallly excited about [xxx] and want to find out more about the [xxx]. If I was a beginner wanting to get a detailed understanding of what the [xxx] is about. What questions would I ask?


Create a list of the [xxx] number of sites with the best resources for someone just starting out?


I’m looking to build/market/grow my business. Can you please give me 25 ideas for marketing the business which are free to do, have low competition and high demand. Please display the ideas in a table with each idea including how to use the idea and why it is a good idea to try.


I am an entrepreneur who loves pickleball and want to create 50 fun and engaging pickleball sayings or phrases that I can have on a t-shirt or baseball cap. They should only be 2-6 words and if possible motivational or funny so they are easy to remember. Create the list for me now.


I dont’ have any members yet so I have to get new members to create a free account and start creating content. Put together a 10 step cold outbound marketing plan that I can apply to the site I’ve built.

Creating An Avatar

Knowing that [xxxx] is the fastest growing sport in North America, played by all ages and skill levels create a detailed description of a potential pickleball member. An avatar that I can strive to market too

Wes Mcdowell Prompt for Topical Authority Maps




  1. Give me 30 semantically relevant, high volume but unique topics under the main category of XXXX.  Order your response by search volume.

Upgraded Version – Wes McDowell

Give me 30 semantically relevant but unique topics under the main category of xxxxxx, and for each, give me 10 different variations of the topic that each address a different search intent. Make it in table format with the following columns: 

  • The unique semantically related topic, column 
  • the different variations on it, column 
  • an intriguing, clickbait style title.

Original Variations

  1. Give me 30 different variations of ‘XXXX’ that address different search intent.
  2. I want you to write as a experienced copywriter who understands how the over 40 year old online mobile device user thinks about downloading and installing apps. Write me 10 call to action phrases that can be used on any of the social media posts or outbound emails that I send that would encourage them to download, install and join the mypickleball friends community.
  3. Do the same for the player who is in the younger crowd 35+ age group and is looking to network and meet more pickleball fanatics. When someone downloads the app and registers as a new user I will have to send them a series of emails welcoming them to the community. Knowing that they are not really too technicall and just want to get started meeting and chatting with other users, write 3-5 short and fun emails that I can send them every day. They should be simple and fun, ready to read on their mobile app.